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42 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

When designing your bedroom, the first thoughts are comfort and relaxation, but that doesn’t mean you should forget style. You can transform your drab walls with decor and style regardless of whether you have small sleeping quarters or a spacious master bedroom. A wall in a bedroom is a blank canvas just waiting for you to put your stamp on it, but you won’t have to wonder which style you might want to try, especially since we have over 40 bedroom wall decor ideas for you to explore.

If you are feeling like a wall in your bedroom needs a refresh, below is a roundup of the best bedroom wall decor ideas to inspire something creative and unique in the room you rest your head.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is loosely defined as a collection of items: framed artwork, photographs, and personal treasures hung in a grouping. So, if you are considering doing a gallery wall in your bedroom, don’t think just about frames and photos. Get creative and hang up items that you find appealing, or even ones that mean something to you.

Photo Credit: Carbon and Bone

These items can also be functional, too. This homeowner didn’t have room to store their bike, so they incorporated it into their wall decor.

A funky gallery wall against a bold pattern wallpaper makes for vibrant wall decor. Incorporating 3-D items into your gallery helps to give it depth and dimension, making it one of the bedroom decor wall ideas that stand out from the bunch.

Photo Credit: Change & Co

If you are more interested in neat and orderly decor, you may be after a gallery wall that is symmetrical and simplistic. Gallery walls don’t always have to be hung in such a mish mash type of way.

Photo Credit: Tatum Brown
Photo Credit: Vanessa Rome Interiors

When planning out a Gallery Wall, find a color or hue that you would like to use in several pieces of the wall. This designer chose gold to feature throughout her gallery wall, creating a bold yet classy and elegant look.

Photo Credit: Judith Balis Interiors
Photo Credit: Judith Balis Interiors

A random array of photographs and framed art is a classic gallery wall look and something that you can’t go wrong with on the bedroom wall.

Photo Credit: Change & Co.
Photo Credit: Ashley Gilbreath

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Vintage Signs

If you have a flair for the unique and antique, a vintage sign will look great on your bedroom wall. Vintage signs are a nice touch for children’s bedrooms as well as adults. Below, you will find rustic and vintage bedroom wall decor ideas that are modern and stylish.

Photo Credit: Corea Sotropa

Scour your local flea markets and antique shops for just the right vintage sign that speaks to the overall vibe and feel of your bedroom.

Photo Credit: Corea Sotropa
Photo Credit: gramsfarmhouse via Instagram

Vintage signs are the perfect touch for a gallery wall in an industrial-style bedroom.

Photo Credit: Bella Vici Design

Hang Up Instruments

If you play an instrument or even if you don’t — hanging instruments on your bedroom wall is a stunning and eye-catching way to add a little decor to boring and blank bedroom walls.

Photo Credit: onesweetestatephotography via Instagram

You can hang up old instruments that mean something to you — a family heirloom perhaps, or you can hang up an instrument that you actually play. We love the idea of decor that is also storage.

Photo Credit: belleberryhome via Instagram
Photo Credit: barefootinteriors via Instagram

Abstract Art

Abstract art is a classic and possibly the most common piece of wall decor for a bedroom. It doesn’t have to be boring, either. Sometimes, when people go for simplicity, they are afraid that it means boring, but the right piece of abstract art can make a gorgeous impact in a bedroom. Here are a few examples of bedroom wall decor ideas that incorporate classics and artistry styling.

Photo Credit: Lindye Galloway

Simple and elegant — ensure that your art fills your space properly. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of choosing art that is too small for the space, or it doesn’t fill out the wall space appropriately, and this is when it can come across as boring or cold.

Photo Credit: Amy Storm & Company
Photo Credit: Ashley Montgomery Design

When hanging up abstract art, if you want to add an element that will elevate the style of your home, consider adding an overhead light that will cast light down onto your art.

Photo Credit: Brandon Architects

Abstract art also looks fantastic hung over the bed.

Photo Credit: Brooke Wagner Design


Flags are not something often thought of as wall decor. We see them hanging outside at schools, government offices, or even on people’s cars, but we don’t often see them in the bedroom. However, a well-placed flag will not only show your patriotism, but it can also make a stunning display of wall decor.

Hang a flag over the bed for a bright and vibrant piece of wall decor and the bigger the better, we say.

Photo Credit: Brooke Wagner Design

If you want a more neat and clean look, you can frame your flag before hanging it on your bedroom wall.

Photo Credit: Rajni Alex Design

You don’t just have to go for the patriotic flag either. There are lots of options for flags out there. This nautical boy’s room makes use of boat flags by framing them and arranging them into a symmetrical gallery wall.

Photo Credit: Lynn Morgan Design

This also looks great in a cottage style guest room — it’s not just for little boys!

Photo Credit: Liz Carroll Interiors


Sometimes there is no better wall decor than fun and bright wallpaper. To avoid your bedroom being too busy, save your bold wallpapers for just an accent wall, which acts as decor in just one part of the room.

Photo Credit: Megan Winters
Photo Credit: Coats Homes

Behind a bed, a bold floral wallpaper makes a stunning statement of decor.

Photo Credit: Blakely Interior Design

If you have a nook or alcove in your bedroom, use a patterned wallpaper to fill the space and act as a backdrop for your bed.

Photo Credit: Studio DB

Wallpaper in a bold pattern is a great idea for wall decor in bedrooms where you are short on wall space. Bedrooms with slanted roofs don’t leave a lot of room to hang items, so use your wall to be the decor and let the wallpaper steal the show.

Photo Credit: Jill White Designs

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A mirror is a great wall decor item in a bedroom. Not only is it a functional piece of decor, but with endless varieties and styles, you can use a mirror to say a lot with your decor.

Photo Credit: Brown Hall Designs

Double mirrors hanging over beds in a sweet boys room is a focal point and makes this room appear much larger thanks to the reflection of light.

Photo Credit: Sarah Hillery Interior Design

If you have a busy wallpaper, sometimes a simple yet elegant mirror is just the right touch.

Photo Credit: Marea Clark Interiors

Long double mirrors hanging behind the nightstands elevates this bedroom to a classy and serene retreat.

Photo Credit: Kat Lawton

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Wall Sconces

Maybe the missing piece on your bedroom wall is a set of wall sconces. Ditch the traditional lamps on your nightstands and go for something modern and sleek. By hanging wall sconces on either side of your bed, you can free up space on your nightstand and add decor to your bedroom wall.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck
Photo Credit: Brooke Wagner Design
Photo Credit: Liz Caan Interiors

Oversized Headboard

Sometimes wall decor doesn’t have to be hung on the wall at all! An oversized headboard can act as wall decor as it runs high up your wall.

Photo Credit: Megan Winters

Vibrant patterns are a great use on an oversized headboard, as they will act as decor and take up wall space.

Photo Credit: White Wash & Company
Photo Credit: Stephanie Gamble Interiors

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World Map

Take geography to new heights in the bedroom using a world map as wall decor. Just like the flags we mentioned earlier, you can hang a world map directly on your wall or frame it as art. You can get world map wallpaper, too.

Photo Credit: Laura U Interior Design

This different shades of blue world map wallpaper is a more mature and elegant look for an adult bedroom.

Photo Credit: Cecilia Walker
Photo Credit: House Of Jade Interiors

It doesn’t have to be a world map either; you can get specific with maps of your favorite city, a map of where your first home was, or even star maps look beautiful hung on the bedroom wall.

Other Quick and Unique Ways to Take Your Bedroom Wall to The Next Level

  • Paint the wall a deep, bold color –  this will bring personality and style to the room and offset other lighter-colored walls.
  • Add a wall mural – paint a wall mural with a touch of your own style. Add your own art to your walls!
  • Hang a room divider – You can get room dividers that are pretty and unique, and they make great wall decor.
  • Hang a patterned rug – some rugs are just so pretty they could be art!
  • Add stylish storage – items that double as wall decor like open shelving or hexagon cube shelves.

Quick Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom

  • Choose a subtle color palette – you want your bedroom to be a place of peace and relaxation, so choose subtle light colors. If you do want a darker color, go for just an accent wall.
  • Don’t overlook the ceiling – you can put a lot of decor and style into the ceiling. Try a patterned wallpaper or decorative element like wainscotting.
  • Keep the decor simple – don’t overwhelm your bedroom space with a lot of clutter and decor. This will take away from the serene atmosphere.
  • Choose the right size furniture – big and bulky furniture in a small bedroom can crowd the space and make it feel cramped, and too small of furniture in a large room can look disproportionate.
  • Indulge in nice linens – the bedroom is the place where you rest and go for peace, so spend a bit of money on comfortable and pretty linens.

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