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Fresh Bedroom Looks and Styles to Try Out in the New Year

The bedroom is a safe sanctuary where you can truly be yourself. It is also one room of the home that you want to design and decorate ‘completely for yourself. Unlike other rooms of your house where a touch of restraint is needed, you do not have to worry about going over the top in the bedroom. Also, you can choose a theme and style for the bedroom that is entirely different from the rest of your home. With that in mind, now is a great time to try out fresh, trendy looks in the bedroom as you forget the rush of holiday season and delve into a slower routine.

Modern and beach styles are mixed beautifully in this slightly eclectic bedroom with coastal overtones [From: Glynis Wood Interiors]

The gorgeous bedroom looks that we have lined up here are not just about singular styles or themes alone. We are sharing with you ideas that are pegged to be the most popular in the months ahead even while seamlessly combining timeless elements into their presence. From the classic beach style that has been revamped with plenty of modern flair, to nature-inspired prints and motifs, this is a look at some of the most gorgeous and unique ideas that will inspire you to give your bedroom an easy and affordable makeover –

Relaxed Beach Look

The beach style, with its cheerful and relaxing appeal, is a favorite of many. In the warmer spring and summer months, you can rest assured that the living space will feel like an extension of the outdoors while in colder autumn and winter months, the style brings much needed brightness to the space. Then there is the added advantage of being able to use some of the most flexible and trendy living room colors as well. Blue, white, wood and light grays, along with brilliant splashes of coral, turquoise and teal, enliven the living room and are all staples of the modern beach style that we so dearly love!

A restrained modern beach style is a must-try look in 2022! [From: Phillip Smith General Contractor]
A small beach style bedroom turns old window shutters into a creative headboard [From: CHD Interiors]
Gorgeous wood and white bedroom with modern beach style and a chevron pattern headboard wall [From: Jami Meek Designs]
Rattan decor pieces accentuate the beachy vibe in this white and light blue bedroom [From: Leah Muller Interiors]

Nature-Inspired Prints and Leafy Motifs

All things green are predicted to be popular in 2022 and there’s no better way to get in on this trend than by adding a bit of nature-inspired panache to your modern bedroom! Wallpapers with leafy motifs and nature-inspired prints that vary from large tropical leaves in the backdrop to custom murals and paintings with green goodness, and of course, easy-to-use and affordable framed botanicals are all a part of this trend. Start out small in your current bedroom and if you are happy with the look, then go all out with a headboard wall draped in a vivacious pattern.

Find the right wallpaper for a bedroom in need of a leafy backdrop! [From: Chango & Co.]
A headboard wall with a leafy pattern creates a touch of tropical charm in this contemporary bedroom [From: Houzz]
Vivacious leafy patterns are back with a bang in bedrooms this season [From: Crystal Blackshaw Interiors]
Wallpaper with a chic leafy pattern adds contrast and color to this spacious contemporary bedroom [From: Designed with Grace & Joy]
Drapes accentuate the presence of botanicals in this small bedroom [From: DSI-Designs]

Love of the Modern Loft

It seems like only yesterday when we were talking about the brilliant emergence of modern-industrial style – a look that was born out of revamped lofts and altered industrial buildings across the world. And now it has been over a decade with the trend still going really strong! It is so popular now that homeowners actually want to add exposed brick walls and duct pipes to homes that do not have any. And for those willing to embrace this slightly rugged and very chic look, the bedroom is a great starting point. Remove the unnecessary, embrace the raw beauty of finishes around you, and switch out that mundane bed for a dashing platform bed to enjoy the modern loft look with a difference.

Eclectic loft-style bedroom of a Paris home with glass walls and cantilevered design [From: Jerome Coton]
Brick walls and concrete finishes are a staple in the loft-style bedroom [From: Behance]
Classic elements are intertwined carefully with modern features in this bedroom [From: Houzz]
Delightful loft-style bedroom also embraces contemporary aesthetics [From: Alex Findlater]
The loft-style bedroom is just perfect for those who love the modern industrial look [From: Rad Design]

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