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Creative Bedside Table Options to Give Your Room That Extra Decorative Touch

Bedside tables are a useful feature for bedrooms, no matter the size and style. Having a place to set a glass of water and a book before going to sleep is quite convenient. However, a bedside table shouldn’t only be considered for its functionality. The piece of furniture will inject a dose of style to the bedroom while complementing your preferred aesthetics. With so many creative bedside table options, there’s simply no excuse not to have one!

Bar cart 

A bar cart is an affordable option for a bedside table while providing plenty of storage space. Keep your favorite book within arm’s reach, and flatter the vignette with a fresh plant. 

Bar cart as a functional nightstand (from Homey Oh My)

Minimalist shelf

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean that you should omit a bedside table. Mounting a floating shelf is a clever trick that works perfectly for tiny spaces. Add a clamp lamp to leave plenty of free space for your bedtime essentials. 

Functional shelf ideal for small bedrooms (from Homey Oh My)

A wooden shelf brings a rustic vibe, while it doesn’t take any floor space. For additional storage, add a charming woven basket that doubles as decor. 

Nicely curated shelf with woven basket for additional storage (from Project 636)

Hanging nightstand

A hanging nightstand will bring a whimsical feel to your bedroom. If you are a DIY enthusiast, this example will motivate you to get creative. Use decorative trays to create nightstands that don’t take any of your precious space. 

Elegant hanging bedside tables (from Houzz)

DIY wooden crate bedside table

This DIY bedside table is an easy project, even for beginners who doubt their crafting skills. The unfinished wooden texture brings an organic feel, fitting many interior styles. This DIY nightstand is enough to hold your essentials and is also a chic addition to your bedroom. 

DIY bedside table using wooden crate (from Houzz)

Side table in the bedroom

A small side table is an excellent alternative to a bedside table if you wish to avoid the visually heavy look. Knowing that the surface will likely be small, opt for a wall-mounted or floor lamp. 

Simple side table for minimalist vibes (from Homey Oh My)
Scandinavian bedroom with simple nightstand (TLC Interiors)

Rustic chair as a bedside table

Repurposing old furniture is an excellent way to bring grace and a unique style to the space. Turn an old chair into a captivating nightstand which adds coziness to minimalist bedrooms. 

Rustic chair as a charming nightstand (from Homey Oh My)

If you don’t use that step-stool anymore, consider turning it into a simple and sleek bedside table. The compact design and simple aesthetics make this affordable item an excellent alternative for a standard nightstand. 

Inexpensive step stool as a nightstand (from Rock My Style)

Mix and match approach

A mismatched nightstand is an excellent trick for upgrading the master bedroom. The mix and match approach has become a favorite for thrifting enthusiasts seeking unique furniture pieces. If you can’t find a pair of bedside tables, use two complementary nightstands. The woven side table and wooden nightstand l this rustic bedroom, unexpectedly bringing the eclectic feel. The natural texture is the common characteristic that creates a harmonious combination. 

The mix and match approach brings an eclectic feel (from Modsy)

Kristina Shestakova

Kristina is a home decor enthusiast that loves to share practical tips. With more than 5 years in the interior design content writing niche, she has lots to share. She is obsessed with Pinterest, looking for the most creative ideas for your inspiration. Hopefully, this will motivate you to create the home you always wanted.

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