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Luxurious Loft Master Suite Amazes with Brilliant Blend of Textures

It is not very often that we come across a master suite on the loft level that is a brilliant and beautiful as this gorgeous renovated space in Buckhurst Hill, Essex. Once a more cramped space with three different, smaller bedrooms, the new master bedroom is far more spacious, sophisticated and combines lovely industrial elements with a contemporary backdrop. Paul Langston Interiors have done a fabulous job with the makeover as all unnecessary partitions were removed to create an open, larger area where the bedroom and the bathroom feel like an extension of one another.

Stunningly beautiful loft level master suite of renovated Essex home with bespoke shelves and brick walls

One finds an amazing range of bespoke solutions in this one master suite as custom shelves and cabinets in green shape the headboard wall even as exposed brick walls, stainless steel beams with integrated LED lighting and glass surfaces provide ample textural contrast at every turn. A dashing leather bed along with other plush textiles shapes a lovely focal point in the bedroom with twin beside tables and a coffee table on wheels that can be used in more ways than one. Another interesting element is the ladder behind the bed that lets the homeowners access top shelves with striking Edison bulb light being used to illuminate the space.

Three bedrooms turned into a spacious master suite in Essex full of luxury
Copper and oak roll-top bathtub inside the master suite with multiple finishes
Ewe wood worktops combined with granite washbasins inside the opulent bathroom
Mobile table with modern vintage appeal

The bathroom next to it feels perfect for the modern industrial bedroom with the vintage copper bathtub stealing the spotlight in here. Live-edge vanity and a glass shower zone complete a brilliant loft bedroom makeover that feels contemporary and edgy at the same time.

Steel ceiling beams and brick walls are combined beautifully with contemporary finishes inside the master suite
Wood, brick and glass sit next to one another inside this lavish master suite
Ceiling stainless steel beams with LED lighting inside the master suite
Closer look at the ewe wood countertops inside the master bathroom
Copper adds sparkle to the bathroom along with vintage charm
Gorgeous Edison bulb lights accentuate the industrial appeal of the loft master suite

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