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14 Subtle Yet Festive Front Porch Decor Ideas That Are Perfect for Halloween

Halloween is such a fun holiday! It’s a great excuse to deck out our porches in fun, spooky, or downright creepy decor, although some homeowners choose to embrace the subtle side of Halloween and design front porches that are a little more classy and refined. There’s no reason decor can’t be fun and stylish at the same time.

Take a look at these 14 subtle but festive front porches that will have you inspired to decorate your own porch for Halloween!


Giant house spiders

Spiders attack! This giant display of spiders is not “subtle” in the traditional sense as these massive spiders appear to be taking over the house, but it’s a more modern way of styling a home for Halloween. You don’t need much else in the way of decor with a few huge spiders hanging around.


Photo Credit: The Ginger Home

A pop of color

When you think of traditional Halloween colors, you surely think of orange and black, but why not add a little pop of pink? This is what we like to call grown-up girl Halloween. Keep it fun and light with a burst of baby pink on your Halloween front porch.

Photo Credit: dixieandtwine via Instagram

Keep it traditional

This house keeps traditional Halloween colors with bursts of orange, black, and yellow. The decor is subtle and not overdone, allowing the house to keep a classy, modern look. For a fun touch, black witch hats are hung on fishing lines from the porch ceiling.

Photo Credit: Southern Surroundings via Instagram

Halloween farmhouse

If you like the floating witch hats, but maybe you like a more natural, earthy look, this porch is for you! The brown corn stalks frame the entrance of the porch to bring in those fall homey vibes.

Photo Credit: thefinleyfarmhouse via Instagram

If you prefer a black-and-white palette, here is a similar look but with a more modern farmhouse flair.

Photo Credit: thefloweringfarmhouse via Instagram

Easy DIY ghosts

If you love to make things for your Halloween decor, you can easily craft a set of ghosts for your front porch. These will add height and dimension and help create a fun and festive Halloween look.

Photo Credit: thefinleyfarmhouse via Instagram

Blush totally works for Halloween

Modern and trendy decor dictates that you can use just about any color for Halloween now. Gone are the days of plain orange and black. This stunning porch proves that blush can totally work for Halloween. We love this feminine display of Halloween goodness!

Photo Credit: alleycat2301 via Instagram

Add a few signs

If your porch needs a little personality, try adding a few fun and festive Halloween farmhouse signs. These look great nestled in among some wall bats, and the good news is that you can have a sign made with just about anything that suits your style and taste.

Photo Credit: velveteenandgrace via Instagram

Natural palette

Yes, Halloween is all about orange and black, but a natural color palette on the porch can certainly turn heads, too. This stunning porch from the blog Simply Beautiful by Angela has us swooning.

Photo Credit: Simply Beautiful By Angela

White jack-o’-lanterns

If you love a crisp, clean look and want to keep with that theme this Halloween, you’re sure to be inspired by Liz Marie’s porch. Grab some jack-o’-lanterns and give them a quick makeover with white spray paint. This vivid porch display is simple but really makes a statement.

Photo Credit: Liz Marie Blog

The chillin’ skeleton

Relaxing on the front porch isn’t just for humans — give your bony friend a place to hang out this Halloween. This simple porch setup requires some fall mums, wall bats, pumpkins, and a large skeleton — a super easy Halloween porch to put together.

Photo Credit: Canvas House Design

Chalkboard gravestones

These DIY chalkboard gravestones from Made in a Day are the perfect project for any Halloween front porch. They are an easy DIY and can add a spooky but cute touch to your porch decor. If you want to complete this full look, you can get yourself a set of these Trick or Treat banners from Amazon.

Photo Credit: Made in a Day

Simple and sweet

Sometimes less is more. You can create a cute Halloween porch with a little decor that still packs a big punch. Grab yourself a big fall mum in Halloween colors, add a few wall bats, some pumpkins, and a simple wreath. That’s all it takes!

Photo Credit: chelseynicoleandco

Orange, white, and black

You can paint your pumpkins in bold patterns for a fun, circus-type Halloween look. Layer in pumpkins of all different sizes to add depth and dimension to your porch decor. You can use faux pumpkins or even get real ones and paint them to suit your style. Don’t forget a festive Halloween porch sign!

Photo Credit: Vandifair

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