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IKEA Launches New Line, DAJLIEN, of Home Workout Gear

IKEA, the multinational furniture retailer known for its affordable, stylish, and functional furniture, has some big news for its fans. The Swedish company, famous for its flat-pack furniture, designed to be assembled by the customer, is adding another category to its roster of products.

In January 2024, IKEA will unveil DAJLIEN, a limited home training collection that includes 19 versatile products. This collection is intended to support everyday movement and help people establish healthy habits at home.

The Newly Introduced DAJLIEN Collection by IKEA

Image of workout gear from the DAJLIEN Collection by IKEA and two women.
Photo Credit: IKEA

The DAJLIEN collection is the result of IKEA’s exploration into how to facilitate better and more accessible workouts in our living spaces. The goal is to make it easier for individuals to exercise wherever they choose, making it possible for even the smallest amount of physical activity to be within reach for everyone every day. This idea is reflected in the collection’s name, which is the word “daily” in the accent of Småland, IKEA’s birthplace.

This collection is built on insights gained from visits to homes in New York, Chicago, London, and Shanghai. In-home experiences linked to working out were assessed, and common issues related to motivation, limited space, time constraints, and the discomfort many feel when working out in a gym were identified. The DAJLIEN collection offers adaptable, intelligent products that can be used in various ways to overcome these obstacles, allowing individuals to remain active.

Exploring the Functional Aesthetics of the DAJLIEN Collection by IKEA

Storage box for the DAJLIEN collection by IKEA of at home workout gear.
Photo Credit: IKEA

The DAJLIEN collection is part training equipment and part storage, inspired by the need for multifunctional solutions that blend seamlessly into the home. Many of the products in the collection serve not only as training equipment but also as elegant and practical design pieces.

The collection features a variety of products, including exercise mats, a step-up board, and a set of ring-shaped dumbbells, all designed to be easy to use, store, and bring on the go. The DAJLIEN bench with storage is a sturdy and versatile product inspired by old-school gym equipment and is the focal point of the collection. It is a multi-functional design that can be used for different bodyweight exercises, as storage for gear, or as a practical coffee table around the home.

Relaxation and Recovery Elements of the DAJLIEN Collection by IKEA

Woman using the ring weights from the DAJLIEN collection by IKEA.
Photo Credit: IKEA

DAJLIEN extends beyond fitness gear to include recovery and stress relief products, including an air purifier, yoga straps, kneepads, a massage ball, and a portable Bluetooth speaker, all in soft and soothing shades. It also offers wearable pieces like slippers and two distinct ponchos for post-workout relaxation and wellness.

Ikea workout products photo from the DAJLIEN collection.
Photo Credit: IKEA

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The DAJLIEN collection is designed with subtle colors and details to blend into the home and become part of the everyday environment. IKEA shoppers shouldn’t wait on this new line from IKEA, though. The global launch of the DAJLIEN collection is scheduled for January 2024 and will be available for six months or until supplies last.

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