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Unique Bedroom Headboard Ideas

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, headboards, in particular, can give your room a distinctive look as they are the focal points of the space.

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Their presence in your bedroom gives it a welcoming aura. If you have decided to create a haven in your bedroom, then you’re in the right place!

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Grab a cup of relaxing tea, and let’s look at some unique bedroom headboard ideas.

1. Vintage Headboard

Looking for classy furnishing to bestow style to your master bedroom? A vintage headboard with its perky, classy, and simple look is a sure bet. This headboard could have been designed for royalty but also will suit your visitors.

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Source: Impressive Interior Design

2. Placemat Headboards

Source: BHG

This style is Moroccan-inspired and is a lot cheaper than pre-made headboards. With an assortment of styles, you can pick the most suitable and paint it a color that fits your bedroom decor. The number of mats you need to purchase depends on the width and height of the bed.

3. Space Saver Headboard

This headboard is a built-in design for permanent use. Actually, the wall behind the bed serves as the headboard. That’s why it’s called a space saver! It does make the bed the focal point of the room.

Source: Better Homes And Gardens

4.  Study Case Headboard

This one is accompanied by shelves and wall lamps which sets it up as the focal point of your bedroom.

Enjoy easy access to your library right from your bed!

Source: Design cafe

5.  Head-To-Head Twin Headboard

This is the best idea for designing your children’s bedroom beautifully and it will also give them some privacy.

Source: HGTV

The sight is not only cozy but is also elegant and great for saving space for kiddie games and other activities.

6. Light-Up Headboards

Source: DIYS

This will give your room a playful and inviting look. You could use a phrase or a word that has personal meaning to you. Lined up with lovely string lights, these headboards make the bedroom much cozier, more inspirational, or even romantic. It’s also suitable for children. You could trace a child-approved shape, and then light it up.

7.  Storage Headboard

This headboard is specifically a kiddie’s choice. Kids generally are proud of their favorite possessions and take every opportunity to flaunt them to their friends.

Source: Doorage

Not only can you use this storage headboard to keep their favorite stuff, but you can also use it to curb clutter in their bedroom.

8. Upcycled Leather Belts Headboard

Source: Mpfinteriors

Never throw away old or worn belts; they are still useful. You could create a bag, chair, or even a headboard with them!

Upcycled headboards that are made from old leather belts can give your room a masculine look.

9. DIY Mosaic Headboard

A few cut-up pieces of thick foam in varying sizes and fabrics can switch up the look of your bed space. This beautiful headboard design screams originality like no other.

Source: Olamar Interiors

10. Classic and Contemporary Headboard

Source: Pinterest

This one is fashionable and modern. It is designed stylishly to showcase its gleaming white color and is perfect for a guest room.

11. Barn Doors Headboard

Source: Craigelist

This style surprisingly fits well with any decor. It’s another cool upcycled DIY headboard idea.  Repurpose some old or worn barn doors as a rustic headboard. You can paint them or leave them as they are.

Source: Decoholic

12. Patchwork Heaven Headboards

Source: Kelly Upchurch

Here, you don’t always need to go for wood and you need not worry about uniformity because it’s not required for this look. All you need is a color palette suitable for the room and lots of fabric to go underneath. If you’re wondering what color is best here, you could try some bold, light, or soft colors for the headboard.

Judith Ejike

I write for decoist.

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