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Style Your Living Space with Floating Shelves

One of the home interior trends that is definitely here to stay is floating shelves. They have an air of openness about them; their clean look contributes to the room looking less messy and more put together. There are countless ways to style your floating shelves and it all depends on your personal preferences, existing home décor, and what room you will place them in.

Let’s take a walk through some of the different ways you can style them in your living room, kitchen, and bathroom, giving your space a totally new look while also bringing lots of function!

Farmhouse Living Room

Photo Credit: themodestfarmhouse via Instagram

Wooden floating shelves will do wonders for your farmhouse-styled living room! If you are going for a rustic ambiance, look no further. These floating shelves are exactly what we’re talking about, offering great color contrast and lots of distinctive character.

Photo Credit: My Happy House

You can make great use of your floating shelves by decorating them in tune with the seasons and so stay connected to nature’s cycles. Also, you can place your candles out of reach, which also doubles as the perfect lighting to give your living room a cozy atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Tronk

Don’t forget about the corners of your little cozy farmhouse-styled home! This idea is a very simple way to make the best of the space that ever so often goes unused, giving you extra storage room that will also elevate your living space.

Photo Credit: My Mobile Home Makeover

It’s almost hard to believe that a few simple floating shelves can breathe so much life into such a small part of the home! Look at these corner-mounted floating shelves, which transform this previously empty corner into a focal point in this home!

White Minimalist Living Room

Photo Credit: My Paradissi

Make sure you don’t overcrowd your shelves, especially if you’re trying to perfect the minimalist look. These shelves are done with a great amount of class, only showcasing items that not only fit the theme of this decor but also bring some personality as well.

Photo Credit: Cozy Cottage Cute

Using your floating shelves as a photo display is an amazing idea to make the best of the space you’re given. You can also display toys and baby shoes, among other things, to give the room a homey feel for your loved ones.

Photo Credit: Desert Domicile

In fact, whoever said you can’t turn your floating shelves into a proper gallery is wrong! There are many ways that you can showcase your artistic work, but nothing beats this idea that adds depth and class to any room.

Photo Credit: Createcph

You can use photographs simply as a décor element here and there, next to other items that have found a home on your shelves, creating a dynamic styling that still keeps things orderly. Those shelves carry a timeless feel, perfectly fitting with an array of minimalist styling approaches.

Photo Credit: Andrea Chicharo

Marble never disappoints. You can easily reach the look of a minimalist living room in white tones by adding some marble floating shelves. You will admire the result, especially if you have books or other sentimental items that you are looking to incorporate into your living room’s styling.

Photo Credit: Bijou Lovely

If you have an itch for the dynamics, scratch that itch! Play around with how you place the shelves and the items upon them. Create some movement with a collage-like styling, similar to how it’s done here, showcasing some of your favorite pieces.

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess Studio

Once again, pay attention to the corners. It would be a shame not to make use of them, so if you need some ideas on how to neatly style corner floating shelves, take some hints from the design elements of this modern living room.

Rustic Kitchen

Photo Credit: Marcia Butler Interior Design

The beauty of a rustic kitchen will only be emphasized by some floating shelves. Raw edge shelves like these are especially appealing to those who love a more natural, wild look. Even though these shelves are stylish, they still serve the functional purpose of holding glassware and cups, so make sure to choose pieces that match.

Photo Credit: Crate&Barrel Blog

Simple and wooden; what more could your kitchen need? This styling has got to be one of the most beautiful ones. Adding some greenery to the mix really goes a long way, but it’s the combination of copper and wood that feels like a home run!

Minimalist Kitchen

Photo Credit: House Two Home

Keep your kitchen a minimalist and simple space by adding a pair of white wooden shelves that will truly blend in with the rest of the bright décor. As seen by this kitchen’s design, you can add floating shelving that will look right and give you additional room for storage that’s quite easy to access.

Photo Credit: Room for Tuesday

Here’s another example of a white yet minimalist kitchen that will surely spark some inspiration for your next kitchen project. This one is even puppy-approved! It’s lovely how these floating shelves give the kitchen an incredibly bright and uplifting look!

Photo Credit: Bryan Chartier, Core Architects via House & Home

If your kitchen is styled in darker, more metallic shades, steel floating shelves are a wonderful option! They will make your white plates and cups neatly stand out and immediately catch the eye. Get some lovely inspiration, both steel (above) and wooden (below) floating shelves that might be the right fit for your kitchen.

Photo Credit: Homeyohmy

Pairing your minimalist kitchen style with some greens is a great idea, as you can see in this kitchen design. Simple floating shelves are just the place you’ll want to display them on, especially if you go with wooden shelves that maintain a natural look and feel.

Chic Bathroom

Photo Credit: Graceful Order

This bathroom styling shows us that floating shelves don’t have to be big in order to serve their purpose! If you are tight with space, you can simply include very short ones and, with some creativity, style them to be useful to you every day.

Photo Credit: Thrifty & Chic

Searching for a more rural look? These bulky floating shelves are sheer perfection! You should be careful when searching for wooden floating shelves in your bathroom, ensuring not only that they fit the styling but also being made of the right materials to withstand moisture exposure.

Photo Credit: Bless’er House

The same goes for these chunky floating shelves that are stunning. You will surely be in awe of their country look! If your bathroom needs some new elements, don’t pass these up. It’s an amazing opportunity to make the whole room feel more balanced.

Photo Credit: Carpediem Design

Make the best of your bathroom walls by decorating them with floating shelves that extend all through them! This idea is an immediate win, giving an organized look while also being modern. No more messy bathrooms – this neat look is the one to chase!

Whether you’re seeking rustic elements or bright white ones, floating shelves will always be there to bring something amazing into your home and give you a space to style as you wish! With so many inspirational options to choose from, you will find the right type that will perfectly suit your preferences.

Luna Lupus

I write for decoist.

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