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25 Walk In Closet Design Ideas

A beautiful yet spacious walk in closet is the dream. Where everything is in its place and everything has a place — the ideal walk in closet is large and elegantly designed to house everything you need and setup so that getting dressed in the morning becomes an easy task. Yes, if you’re lucky enough to have a home with a walk in closet, the layout and design is pivotal.

An incredibly designed walk in closet will make your wardrobe and accessories easy to store and give you a space that you can walk into where you feel stress-free and ready to take on the day. Here are some design ideas that you can start off with to design your own walk in closet sanctuary.

Walk In Closet with Island

Islands aren’t just for kitchens. Consider adding a space where you can lay out stuff and decorate, all the while adding more storage and drawers. Get creative with your island designs with everything from color to styles, such as waterfall designs.

Photo Credit: Geoff Chick – Spacious custom walk in closet features lighted purse cabinets and a white island.
Photo Credit: Lori Morris – Spacious French pink closet features a pink island illuminated by a black French chandelier and pink cabinets adorned with cream ornate trim.
Photo Credit: Mel Bean Interiors – Spacious custom walk in closet features an island with a black and white marble waterfall edge and white built in shelves.
Photo Credit: LA Closet Design – Mirrored top closet island featuring white cabinets and glass wardrobe doors in a stunning and large walk-in closet.

Vertical Height

If you have extra high ceilings, don’t waste the vertical height. Bring your cabinetry all the way up to the ceiling but install a ladder for easy access.

Photo Credit: LC Interiors – Walk in closet features a white ladder on rails and gray shelves under a tall ceiling
Photo Credit: LC Interiors – Gray walk in closet features a built in dresser under gray shelves and a tall ceiling.

Add a Large Mirror

Never have to leave your closet space if you install a large mirror. Getting dressed right in the closet will make wardrobe selection easier and also make it effortless to put clothes right back where they belong should you decide not to wear them.

Photo Credit: Greg Natale – White and blue custom walk in closet features a full length oval mirror, white built in drawers and white woven baskets on upper shelves.

Bench Seating

If your closet is not quite large enough for an island, you may consider placing a small bench in the middle. This provides a comfortable spot to put on shoes and take a rest when deciding what to wear.

Photo Credit: Greg Natale – Custom walk in closet features floor to ceiling shoe shelves, built in dressers and a black and white bench on black and white geometric carpeting lit by custom lights.

Lots of Natural Light

If you’re able, design a walk in closet with lots of natural light. This will help when choosing clothes and accessories as it will make the overall space light and cheery.

Photo Credit: Muse Interiors – Sun-filled walk-in closet boasts a white closet island adorned with mirrored drawers and topped with marble. A built-in closet window seat is flanked by tall shoe shelves.

Dress it Up with Wallpaper

Just because it’s a closet doesn’t mean it needs to be drab. Dress up the space with some fun or pretty patterned wallpaper. Make yours a space of beauty and design.

Photo Credit: Rosa Beltran Design – Walk-in closet designed with a charcoal gray floral wallpaper wall boasting a modular closet design with a transitional look.

However, if you don’t have the space to wallpaper a full wall, you can add some patterned wallpaper to the back of open shelving. This will add some color and style to your space and provide a touch of personality.

Photo Credit: Amy Carman Design – Spacious white and gray walk in closet with white and gray island features Phillip Jeffries chain link wallpaper on the back on built in shoe shelves lit by a chrome sphere lantern.

Dark and Moody

For a more masculine touch, you can design your walk in closet to be dark and moody. While you may miss out on light, this space can also be serene and calm just as well.

Photo Credit: Greg Natale – Modern black oak custom walk in closet with a black ladder on rails features cubbies with black woven baskets and a black and silver bench on black and white flooring.
Photo Credit: Brown Design – Chic men’s large walk-in custom closet features Louis Vuitton luggage under a round marble accent table, illuminated by a sputnik chandelier.

Add Seating

So who says you can’t hang out in your closet? Make a nice little spot in your closet where you can relax and maybe enjoy a book or a cup of coffee in the morning. If you have the space, use it!

Photo Credit: LA Closet Design – Pink-beige, l-shaped closet shoe shelves are mounted in a corner beside glass front wardrobe cabinets flanking light bag shelves. A white boucle lounge chair sits on a gray rug facing the wardrobes.

Clean and Minimal

Walk in closets don’t always have to be full to the brim. If you’re of the more clean and minimal mind, here is a space you may fall in love with.

Photo Credit: Kira David Design – Chic walk-in closet features stacked white wardrobe cabinets, walk-in pantry skylight, beige stripe wallpaper, black metal frame leaning mirror and a brown leather tufted ottoman.

Bold Ceiling

Go bold when it comes to your ceiling. This space provides a bold and daring look, but it also has such an elegant and classy look.

Photo Credit: Amy Carman Design – Glamorous walk-in closet is illuminated by Murano Glass Chandeliers hung from a ceiling clad in black and white wallpaper over a round red velvet tufted ottoman and a white island with a marble countertop. White built-in dressers are accented with glass and brass pulls are fixed beneath mirrored wardrobe cabinet doors. A white ladder on rails is fixed in front of glass front cabinets.

Opt for Elaborate Lighting

Just cause it’s a closet doesn’t mean you can’t go with over-the-top lighting. This linear chandelier suits this space perfectly.

Photo Credit: Murphy Maude Interiors – Darlana Linear Chandelier illuminates above a custom walk-in closet rectangular island surrounded by custom built-ins and a window seat.

Mirrored Doors

Add more mirrors to your walk in closet by choosing mirrored doors. See yourself from all angles with this clever design choice.

Photo Credit: Amanda Evans – Glam light gray walk in closet illuminated by a crystal flush mount light features mirrored wardrobe cabinets, a round gray ottoman and a custom makeup vanity with cream velvet vanity chair.
Photo Credit: Tara Fust Design – Long and narrow custom walk in closet features white cabinetry with a white built in island showcasing nickel hardware and a glass countertop. Mirrored closet doors bring an elegant touch to the interior design finished with X trim.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Color

Don’t think that because your closet won’t be seen by many people, it’s not worthy of a bit of color. You will want to enjoy your space just as much as you will want to show it off, so add a punch of color that will set a bright and cheery mood.

Drop Down Clothes Rack

While this clever automation may not be in everyone’s budget, it’s certainly genius and would be an excellent addition to walk in closets with high ceilings.

Photo Credit: LC Interiors – Gray walk in closet features custom drop down clothes racks, a built in dresser with brass pulls under gray shelves and a tall ceiling.

Window Seat

If your walk in closet is lucky enough to have a window, don’t waste the opportunity to have a charming window seat.

Photo Credit: Britt Design Studio – Luxurious white and pink walk-in closet is lit by a 10-light globe white glass and brass chandelier hung over a white island finished with drawers with polished nickel pulls. Behind the island, tall white shoe shelves are mounted against a wall clad in pink and gray wallpaper beside white corner shelves fixed next to a white built-in dresser. A storage window-seat is topped with a gray tufted cushion and pink sheepskin and gray pillows.

You can also take the opportunity to add more storage beneath the window seat and install some drawers. 

Photo Credit: Erin Condron Interiors – A blue tufted ottoman sits in a gray and blue custom walk-in closet lit by an Alexa Hampton Markos Grande Flush Mount. Stacked gray bench drawers are fixed beneath windows covered in white shades. Gray shoe and bag shelves fitted with acrylic dividers are built-in beside stacked clothing rails.

Chic Pink

If you’re after a chic feminine walk in closet then this final design should be right up your alley. No detail is left unchecked in this elegant and beautiful space.

Photo Credit: Black Lacquer Design – Glam pink walk in closet boasts pink built-in wardrobe cabinets over a gold metallic cowhide rug atop black floor tiles and a round accent table.

Quick Tips for Designing a Walk-In Closet

  • Use space above the hanging areas for storing purses and folded items.
  • Designate top shelves as overflow storage to stow seldom-used items such as seasonal apparel and luggage.
  • Create a focal point by anchoring the space with a built-in dresser or hutch.
  • Use adjustable hanging rods to double the storage space and keep related items close together.
  • Locate shelving and hanging rods near the door to the closet to create an open feel while entering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There is no building code or home design rule that dictates that walk-in wardrobes must have doors. In the last few years, open floor plans have gained more popularity which is why wardrobes without doors have become a norm.

For the home itself, a walk-in closet addition will raise the value since they’re so highly coveted. People will pay more for homes that have a walk-in closet addition than they would for a home without one. Consider it an investment during the building or selling process—you’ll make your money back and then some.
A common misconception is that walk-in closets must be enclosed rooms for your clothes. However, since walk-in closets are very large, it’s often best to treat it like a new room instead of storage for your clothes. This is why if possible, you should add more windows to your walk-in closet.

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