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Decoist Guide: How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink

Every little detail of your kitchen design can make a big difference to the overall appeal of the space. And anyone who has been involved with kitchen planning and renovation at any time in the past will know that the options are truly overwhelming. It helps immensely to take a closer look at each of the particular elements separately and to make an informed choice that takes into account things beyond just aesthetics and finishes. Today, we bring to you a simple yet complete kitchen sink guide – one that allows you to make a more informed choice as you step out into the market to buy one.

Getting the right kitchen sink is as much about understanding your own needs as it is about knowing what the available options are. From the placement of the sink and its installation to its material and interaction with other features of the worktop, this Decoist guide to kitchen sinks should help you in narrowing down your options and understanding precisely what your kitchen needs. Time to get started –

All About Location!

Before you get to the material and installation of a sink, the first thing you need to consider is the placement of the sink in the kitchen. If you have a really large kitchen with more than one island, then you can consider adding two sinks – one for the island and another for the kitchen counter. This obviously means additional costs and plumbing work. But it is well worth the extra splurge for those who spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen. Also, a sink next to the dishwasher is a must-have, as it makes life in the kitchen a lot easier.

Drop-in sinks are easy to install and affordable [From: Sienna & Sage Interior Design]
View above the kitchen also ushers in natural light [From: Hammer & Hand]

Size and Style of the Kitchen

As we alluded to earlier, having two sinks in the large kitchen with an open vibe and a lovely view outside is the ideal scenario for most of us. But not everyone has the luxury of so much space and often, such a huge kitchen might just be a waste for those who do not cook regularly. Placing the sink in the central island can give you a view of the open-plan living space and makes for a more social setting. Corner sinks, on the other hand, might save a bit of space, but they can also create a less functional kitchen and you should opt for this only when you have no other option left.

Select the type of sink in the kitchen that meets your needs [From: Houzz]
Beautiful white and blue kitchen with exposed wooden beams [From: Houzz]

Choosing the Right Material

This is probably the part that most people enjoy when choosing kitchen sinks because it feels far less technical and a lot more fun. The most preferred options here are composite granite and stainless steel, with the former being much more stain-resistant, easy to maintain and versatile. Then you have fireclay and natural stone sinks. Both of them are a touch more costly and definitely a bit more high-maintenance. One material that seems offbeat and yet surprisingly popular in many kitchens is copper, which adds an eccentric sparkle to any kitchen.

Striking apron-front fireclay farmhouse sink for the colorful, modern-eclectic kitchen [From: Julia Chasman Design]
Kitchen in blue and white with stainless steel sink and quartz countertops [From: Houzz]

Sink installation

The two most basic options here are under-mount and drop-in sinks, with drop-ins being popular because they are easy to install and highly affordable. This installation technique works in almost every kitchen and easily blends the sink with pretty much any countertop that you can think of. Custom integral sinks, on the other hand, are expensive, take a bit more work and are made from the same material as the countertop. They add a touch of class and seamless sophistication to the kitchen.

Placing the sink in the kitchen island makes life in the kitchen much easier [From: ReVision Design – Remodeling]
A gorgeous sink in white feels like an extension of the kitchen counters [From: Danielle Lancaster Interiors]

Depth of the Sink

You might worry about space for food disposal unit under the sink, or maybe additional storage space, but we are personally big fans of deeper sinks. They help you hide away dishes, give you more cleaning and washing space, there is much less splatter around, and generally, life in the kitchen is easier with them. Yes, some might encounter back problems if they spend too much time at these sinks, but that is generally not a common complaint and deeper sinks offer more perks than their shallow counterparts.

White fireclay kitchen sinks are a popular choice in modern kitchens [From: Jules Duffy Designs]
Modern kitchen revamp in white and wood with smart placement of appliances and sink [From: MMI Design]

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