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Year in Review: Best Kitchen Trends of 2021 that Promise to Stay Relevant in the New Year

The start of a New Year is a time when we tend to focus on fresh beginnings. It is all about new resolutions, new ideas, and in the case of home design, fresh decorating trends and smart makeovers. Of course, now is also a great time to look at the past as well. The ideas, features and trends that have shaped homes in the last 12 months offer a great insight into the direction we are heading. It shows the preferences of homeowners and designers and acts as a great compass when it comes to what we can expect next. The most popular kitchen decorating trends of 2021 are no different, as they offer a wonderful snapshot of the very best over the previous year.

Beautiful marble floor and backsplash steals the spotlight in here [From: ARREL Architecture]

Most of the 2022 kitchen trends feel fresh and different – a shift away from the past. Yet there are also many that feel like an extension of the last year – an organic evolution of kitchen design that is only natural. And a select few promise to stay relevant beyond the current year as well! It is these kitchen decorating ideas that we wish to share with you as we browse through the best of 2021 –

An Ocean of Wood and White!

This one started in the second half of 2020 and we have not seen an end to the many brilliant variants of the beautiful wood and white kitchen ever since! From modern and Scandinavian to farmhouse and rustic, the color combination has cut across styles and has managed to stay relevant for nearly a couple of years now. The best part about it is that this chic color duo will continue to reign in kitchens for the next five to 10 years. Even if fleeting trends like moody kitchens do nudge in once in a while, you can place your trust in the reliable wood and white look.

Beach style kitchen with wood and white color scheme that is connected to the dining space [From: Matthew Bolt Graphic Design]
Choose decor that fits into the wood and white color palette like these lovely bar stools [From: Houzz]
Marble brings a touch of class and sophistication to the wood and white kitchen [From: Catherine Wilman Interiors]
Modern kitchen design with a neutral wood and white color scheme [From: Schmidt Homes Remodeling]

Metallics Enliven Kitchens

The mix-and-match approach to metallics in the kitchen was big in 2021 and it’s another of those cool and eye-catching ideas that will hold relevance for another couple of years. Even if you are not a big fan of combining hot and cold metallic accents in the kitchen, you can still turn to a more homogeneous look. Brass handles, faucets and accessories are particularly popular in many modern kitchens where a neutral backdrop and bright accents fail to deliver that much-needed dazzle!

Pendant lights bring metallic sparkle to this farmhouse kitchen in wood [From: Andrea Swan – Swan Architecture]
Try a mix-and-match approach with metallics in the kitchen this year [From: SPRUILL Remodel]
Add the right amount of sparkle to the kitchen with bold metallic accents [From: Perfect Trades]
Faucets, bar stools and pendants bring a warm metallic glow to this contemporary kitchen [From: Haven Design and Construction]

A Dash of Marble

White countertops are pegged to be a happening idea in 2022 and if you are a fan of marble, then this is a much welcome trend! Marble has made a big impact in homes (not just kitchens) in the last year or so and you can see it altering kitchens dramatically with its minimal presence. Classic and yet sophisticated, marble brings together the best of both worlds with ease. Be it the island countertop, the worktop or the backsplash, even a hint of marble can leave a lasting impact.

Traditional kitchen with classic English look and a marble backsplash [From: Stone Federation Great Britain]
Marble brings polished modern charm to this lovely kitchen in blue and white [From: Dizeh Group]

Open Kitchen Shelves

The days of closed upper cabinets in the kitchen seem to be all but gone and if there is just one thing we could alter in your current kitchen at the moment, then it would be to replace those upper cabinets with open shelves! A design idea that caught traction a couple of years ago, 2021 was definitely the year of open wooden shelves when it came to kitchen renovations. A must-have as you start enjoying the New Year, open shelves are here to stay.

Open kitchen shelves in wood usher in a different texture and material [From: FLOR]
Slim floating shelves instead of upper cabinets give the small kitchen a spacious look [From: Align Design LLC]
Beautiful floating shelves in wood for the transitional kitchen in white [From: Houzz]
Open kitchen shelves are set to be trendy even as we enter 2022 [From: The Decorologist]

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