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20 Modern Farmhouse Kitchens Perfect for Every Home

The farmhouse style was definitely not one that topped the trends charts at the turn of the century. Polished, modern kitchens with man-made finishes were the norm at the time. Yet, the last 20 years have seen a dramatic change in the interior design and décor world with styles like industrial, rustic, and farmhouse making a grand comeback in their reinterpreted forms. Modern farmhouse kitchens bring together the best of modern ergonomics and farmhouse aesthetics without going overboard in either direction. It is a balance between the present and the past that feels just captivating and also heart-warming!

Captivating modern farmhouse kitchen with an L-shaped wooden breakfast bar, deep blue cabinets and ample textural contrast [From: Access Builders Direct]

Modern farmhouse kitchens give you great design and decorating flexibility. Some tend to veer more in the modern direction with neutrals and bespoke, built-in features being coupled with woodsy charm. Others take a more farmhouse-centric base and add modern touches on top to transport you into a cozier, far more country setting. No matter which version you prefer, many modern farmhouse influences can be seen in kitchens across the globe today irrespective of the style of the space. From the space-savvy to the stunning, this is a look at 20 stunning modern farmhouse kitchens.

Getting the Basics Right

The basic idea behind a modern farmhouse kitchen is to bring the basics of that traditional country kitchen and to combine it with the ease of the modern world without losing the old-world charm. Start off by moving away from overtly polished finishes and glittering, tiled backsplashes that feel minimal and understated. Freestanding furniture, like that large wooden table at the heart of the kitchen with chairs all around, is another great and basic trick to bring more farmhouse panache into the modern kitchen. Forget about the all-encompassing modern island and opt for something far more basic and cozy to give the kitchen a quick makeover.

Modern farmhouse kitchens are not places where you need to shy away from bright colors [From: Flint Arrow]
The style of the sink adds to the farmhouse overtones of this modern kitchen [From: Houzz]
Beautiful modern farmhouse kitchen with marble backsplash, stone countertops and industrial style bar stools [From: Astro Design Centre]
Brick and wood walls look just classy in the modern farmhouse kitchen [From: Houzz]
Charming little kitchen connected with the backyard embraces white and gray along with exposed wood ceiling beams and brick wall section [From: Jones Britain Kitchens]
Little overhang of the kitchen countertop acts as a fun little breakfast bar [From: Soda Pop Design]

Woodsy Warmth and Weathered Finishes

Wood and white is a popular color scheme in modern kitchens and it finds its place in the farmhouse kitchen as well. In fact, it is the perfect color palette that lets you find that elusive balance between the old and the new in an elegant and trendy manner. Woodsy countertops and cabinets can be coupled with the white backdrop and you can change the accents and other features in the kitchen for a space that leans more towards farmhouse rather than modern. Reclaimed wood finishes, live-edge countertops and weathered décor pieces bought from your nearest flea market are all great additions in here.

It is the rug that adds a bright pop of color to this spacious kitchen with brick walls and floor [From: EBA – Eric Baker Architects]
The low ceiling of this restored farmhouse kitchen with modern touches adds something special to the setting [From: Cummings Architecture + Interiors]
Narrow, yet light-filled modern farmhouse kitchen with space-savvy design [From: delannoy architecte]
Vintage metallic pullout drawers for the custom kitchen in wood inside the farmhouse style living space. [From: Houzz]
White and wood is the perfect color palette for the modern farmhouse kitchen with terracotta floor tiles [From: Fotograf Jonas Norén]
Cozy and traditional farmhouse kitchen with modern touches thrown into the mix [From: Kenziphotographer]

Colors, Countertops and Range Hoods

In the modern farmhouse kitchen, it is easy to add a bit of bold color to the space without overwhelming the interior. From kitchen islands in yellow and bar stools in red to milk paint clad walls and chalkboard wall sections that add practicality to the space, the direction you wish to take depends as much on the size of the kitchen as it does on your taste. Make sure that the bold color you use in here is repeated in the dining area next to the kitchen or in the social living space for greater visual coherence. Apron-front sinks and classic range hoods along with vintage refrigerators can really add that final, missing touch that completes the dream modern farmhouse kitchen.

Bright red chairs and vintage refrigerator add color to this small modern farmhouse kitchen [From: Rippy Construction]
Delightful and relaxing modern farmhouse style social kitchen with eye-catching metallic pendants above the counter [From: Leighann Lamarre Interiors]
Jewel-toned colors are a hit in the modern farmhouse kitchen and a trendy option as well [From: The Box Hop]
Natural light makes a big difference in this compact wood and white farmhouse style kitchen with modern touches [From: Birdseye]
Picture-perfect modern farmhouse kitchen with a colorful yellow kitchen and woodsy ceiling [From: Cindy Aplanalp & Chairma Design Group]
Stone countertops, bright blue island and a backsplash in gray balance modern and farmhouse elements in this kitchen
White and gray modern farmhouse kitchen finds balance between both the styles

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